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STEINECKER is awarded
the Bavarian State Prize 2003

Pegasus« continues Merlin's« success series

With its innovative products, the Anton STEINECKER Maschinenfabrik GmbH, a subsidiary of KRONES AG, is rushing from success to success. Last year alone STEINECKER received both the Luxembourg and the European Prizes for the Environment for its resource conserving wort boiling system Merlin«. Now Pegasus« is continuing this success series. For its new lautering system presented last autumn, STEINECKER was now awarded the Bavarian State Prize 2003 on March 19th at the International Trade Fair in Munich. At the same exhibition, STEINECKER had already received the Federal Prize 2000 for Merlin«. The State Prize 2003 is a distinction of the Bavarian State government for achievements far beyond the average. Decisive for the selection of the winner is the fact that the company must manufacture the innovation itself. In the case of technical inventions, the execution, the degree of innovation, the applications, the permanence and the future-oriented implementation of new technologies are evaluated.

Due to its ring shaped lautering surface, the optimised flow conditions, novel false bottom slits, new raking construction and many other innovative features, Pegasus« is more compactly built in comparison to conventional systems, is much faster, produces higher yields and increases beer quality. Depending upon the size of the system, the costs are insignificantly higher than for conventional lauter tuns. Already installed lauter tuns can be converted to the Pegasus« system.

The costs for developing Pegasus« amounted to 1.3 million euros. Merely one year was required for the entire development period. STEINECKER will shortly be awarded a European patent for Pegasus«. Since its introduction to the market STEINECKER has already sold eight Pegasus« lautering systems. The first Pegasus« was put into operation in the Bofferding Brewery in Bascharage in Luxembourg. The second was installed at the Hofmuhl Brewery in Eichstatt. Both systems are operating to the full satisfaction of the customers. All told STEINECKER is counting on an annual production of about 20 systems.

"Innovations such as Merlin« and Pegasus« are only possible with motivated and highly competent employees", remarks STEINECKER's Managing Director Josef Koniger. "We are therefore consciously and continually committed to the promotion of training measures. Our quota on apprentices is above 8 per cent and we support the next generation of scientists and technologists so that in the future as well we will be able to revert to the best employees possible for development and production." The market honours this philosophy. STEINECKER's turnover rose last year by more than 15 per cent to approx. 110 million euros.

Photo 1: State Secretary Hans Spitzner at the presentation of the Bavarian State Prize 2003 to the firm STEINECKER.
(left to right): Klaus Wasmuht, Dr. Kurt Stippler, Hans Spitzner and Josef Koniger.

Photo 2: Bavarian State Prize.

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