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Brewery Yarpivo, Yaroslavl
For over 125 years now the Anton Steinecker Maschinenfabrik GmbH is offering breweries of all sizes throughout the world future-oriented and economically efficient brewing technology and techniques. The highest possible quality and the greatest possible reliability as well as constant innovation are the most important goals of the company that has been a member of the Krones concern since 1994.

Steinecker produces in its modern manufacturing plant in Freising brewhouse and filter plants, fermenting and storage cellars as well as CO2-recovery plants and other utility systems for the entire brewing process.

Merlin® at Brewery Bofferding, Bascharage, Luxembourg
One of the prominent examples of innovative spirit is the development of the wort boiling system Merlin®. By the resource-saving wort boiling system Merlin® we were able to decisively improve the factors product quality, economy and ecology in the most energy-intensive step of beer production. For this achievement, the Merlin® method was awarded the European Environment Prize 2002. Europe's most important environment prize recognises enterprises who have integrated the principle of sustainable development in their business activities and set others an example. Merlin® currently represents the most economical and environmentally friendly boiling system in the brewing industry; it has already been installed in 30 breweries throughout the world.

Photo Pegasus®
Another example of Steinecker's innovative approach is Pegasus® - a new type of lauter tun which is extremely fast while assuring the greatest degree of clarification. In contrast to classical lauter tuns, the lautering surface has been arranged in ring shape. This guarantees that the radial velocity needed for optimum performance of the raking knives is reached at every point on the lautering surface.
The ring shaped lautering surface optimises the flow conditions in the lauter tun. New false bottom slits and new construction of the raking machine are only two of a total of ten measures that we have implemented. We have thereby been able to utilise to the greatest possible extent the performance potential of a lauter tun based on the present state-of-the-art. In plain language that means: substantially faster lautering, up to 14 brews per day, still brighter lautered wort with only very slight solids contents and all of this with better yields.

Our claim to technological leadership is also evidenced in the "cold area", which is the second most important supporting leg of the firm. With our know-how in Filtration and the experience of more than 250 sold horizontal filter plants, a new candle filter has been introduced in 2001: Twin Flow System.
Twin Flow System
In the TFS a structural novelty in the area of the filtrate run-off replaces the conventional perforated plate used up to now and thus enables the new "twin flow" principle. The two partial flows, filtrate and unfiltrate, can be regulated independently of one another. The filter surfaces can thereby be defined and the flow onto them controlled. The unfiltrate bypass flow is a new parameter in the TFS system. It guarantees continually uniform, homogeneous pre-coating with kieselguhr, PVPP or alternative filter aids. The filter elements are fastened by means of a piping system, the register. Due to its construction with the register, the filter can be optimally ventilated and cleaned.
The advantages of the TFS are numerous: uniform pre-coating, reduced blending amounts, slighter pressure increase, economic efficiency and flexibility in the process techniques. The TFS system is offered for the performance range from 50 hl/h to 1.000 hl/h. Moreover, it is also possible to retrofit existing filter plants to the TFS system.

Global System Project: Brewery Aying, Germany
With the complete package Global Systems we offer as well an overall management of complete brewery projects. The initial feasibility study followed by a taylored financing program, leads to the design and manufacturing of the equipment in Germany. Shipment, construction, installation and commissioning concluded by an effective after sales package guarantees you a prosperous future.

Especially for large-scale projects in the construction of new breweries in which in some cases more than 20 different separate plants from malt intake through the brewhouse components up to compressed air, refrigeration and waste water platns must be coordinated, Steinecker is the general contractor. Besides our basic competency as overall project coordinator, we take over as well the competencies for other brewery areas with technique adaptation, cost control and time schedule.

Our experience and tradition warrants us to provide you with cutting edge technologies to automate, modernize and optimize your brewery, globally. Affiliated offices worldwide emphasise the global presence: Steinecker is represented worldwide by five agencies and thirty-five business representations.

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