In 2004 "Tinkoff" company invests $10 millions in the network of restaurants
In 2004 "Tinkoff" company plans to invest $10 millions in the development of the federal network of restaurants, informed the press service of the company. In the current year "Tinkoff" company has already opened three restaurants and has initiated the building of two more restaurants. The total amount of the investments of the company in the federal network of restaurants for the last years has amounted to $16 millions. Also in the middle of December 2003 the opening of the private brewery "Tinkoff" in Ufa (Bashkiria) is planned. The power of the brewery will make 1 thousand 530 decilitres per month. It is supposed to produce five sorts of the unfiltered beer, which is brewed by the technology of "microbrewery". The brewery will be arranged directly in the hall of the restaurant and separated from the visitors by a glass wall. The restaurant with the total area of 2 thousand 500 square meters is calculated for 250 places, with the bar for 70 places. The investments in this project have amounted to $2 million.

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"Krasny Vostok" brewery has a new Director General
It is Vladimir Pankov who was elected at the special meeting of shareholder. Earlier he occupied a position of the Director's Chief Deputy of the company. Since October 1 of the current year Airat Khairullin takes up the post of the Chairman of board of directors of "Krasny Vostok". Airat Khairullin explains this change by the fact that development of brewing business is not a primary task for "Krasny Vostok Brewing Company" JSC. Mr. Khairullin completely trusts the new Director General of the company. As well as other top managers educated under his management. The task of the new Director General will be "the exact exploitation of the already available powers", quality control of production and sales. " Within the nearest two years we are going to create a highly profitable agricultural structure, based on the production and processing of dairy production, cultivation of grain and brewing barley ", - said Airat Khairullin. For the last half a year the company invested about 1,2 billion of roubles in agricultural production. It is supposed, that total amount of the investments in this sphere in the nearest 3 or 4 years will make about 4,5 billion of roubles against earlier scheduled 2,7 billion of roubles. As it was announced earlier, Airat Khairullin and his brother are the holders and founders of 150 companies in the sphere of which is brewing business, commercial network "Edelweiss" consisting of 147 shops, distribution, transport, grain and building company, agricultural firms, insurance company "Talisman" and Tatarstan "Energobank". The general turnover of the companies of the holding in 2002 amounted to about 42 billion of roubles. This year the turnover will rise to 17-18%, considers Mr. Khairullin. Among the other projects of the holding are the implementation of the retail project in Novosibirsk, in which it is planned to invest $35-40 millions, building of a new plant for production milk in Kazan (with the power up to 1000 tons per day). The problem of building meat-processing factory is also studied. Recently Airat Khairullin has headed a new brewing company " Alternative brewing technology " with the authorized capital stock of 1,355 billion of roubles. Among its founders are the companies that are close to the shareholders of "Krasny Vostok Brewing Company". "Solodpivo" company holds 8,82 % of the new company shares. The remaining part belongs to "Prime Services", which has paid its share in the capital stock by the equipment.

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