In Tver a plant for the production of PET preforms is built
In Tver with a half a year delay the production of bars for plastic bottles was opened. The company known as "Sibur-PET" conducts it. In the city the first in Russia plant for the production of granulouse polyethylene terephthalate is opened. The preforms for plastic bottles for beer or soda water will be produced of it. "The Siberia-Ural oil, gas and chemical company" - "Sibur", invested the construction of the plant in Tver. The volume of production will amount to 150 tons of granulouse polymer a day. For comparison: weight of one half-litre plastic bottle is 42 grams. Such productivity should make the enterprise profitable as soon as possible, thus "Sibur" will become one of the main taxpayers in the regional budget. The equipment was supplied by one of the largest companies of Germany. More than 400 people work at the Tver plant. The special attention is paid to the safety of production. As the technologists of "Sibur" assure, the exhausts to the atmosphere and to the river Volga by the contents of dangerous materials correspond to the sanitarian and ecological standards.

Ukraine: beer production has grown
Within 8 months of 2003 the companies of Ukrainian brewing industry produced 123,5 million decilitres of beer. It exceeds 12,5 % the indexes of the same period of the last year, but now the rates of production growth are reducing. From the beginning of the year the growth of beer production by the largest companies has amounted to: " SUN Interbrew Ukraine " - 125,3 %, "Obolon" - 113,2 %, "" - 107,3 %, "Sarmat" - 116,3%. In 2002 in Ukraine 150 million decilitres of beer were produced. This year the experts forecast the increase of production up to 165 million decilitres. Earlier specialists of "Ukrpivo" forecast the growth of beer production in 2003 at a level of 5,33-6,67 %, as contrasted to 2002 it is up to 158-160 million decilitres.


"Dohler" intends to organize production in Russia
The large European producer of the ingredients for drinks German company "Dohler" is going to organize the production in Russia. For this purpose the company invests more 10 millions in construction of the plant in Moscow suburbs. German "Wild" company is going to do the same. The family company "Dohler" is a large producer of the components and flavours for soft drinks, milk products and cocktails. Under the data of the consulting company "Russicon", in Russia about 1700 tons of the components for drinks is sold annually. Together with German "Wild" and Dutch "Quest", "Dohler" is one of the largest suppliers. According to the president of "Dohler" Johan Klein, last year the turnover of the company exceeded 500 millions. In Russia "Dohler" has approximately 700 clients, including "Mega-Pack", Russian divisions of "Coca-Cola" and "PepsiCo", "Wimm-Bill-Dann", "Ehrmann". "Dohler" will become the first foreign supplier of ingredients for drinks, which will open its production in Russia. As Johan Klein informed, the company plans to begin the construction of the plant at the end of this year and to start the production in 2005. "Dohler" invests more than 10 millions into the construction of the plant.

"The Vedomosti"

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