23.12.2004 Ukraine. The Nikolaev brewery "Yantar": results of the third quarter of 2004

In the third quarter beer sales volume of the company "SUN Interbrew Ukraine" inclusive of the Nikolaev brewery "Yantar" amounted to 2,1 million hectoliters of beer that is half-million hectoliters more in comparison with the same period of the last year.

As the PR manager of the brewery "Yantar" A. Sokoljansky informed, we could achieve it due to an opportune expansion of capacities at three breweries of the company, and also due to realization of some initiatives in the sales and marketing field for national and international brands. For nine months the increase of beer sales volumes of "Chernigivske" made 39%.

The share of the company in a supepremium segment for nine months grew on 18,4% in comparison with the similar period of the last year.

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23.12.2004 Belarus. "Krynitsa" plans to produce canned beer

Till the end of December, 2004 JSC "Krynitsa" (Belarus) planed to start canned beer production, the general director of the enterprise Grigory Petkevich informed. It is planned that the first canned beer will be "Aleksandrya", in January of the next year "Krynitsa premium".

As G. Petkevich said there was only foreign canned beer in the Byelorussian market now.

Cost of the canned beer dispensing equipment complex of the Swedish and German companies amounted to about 800 thousand euro. It is expected that next year the enterprise will produce about 1 million decalitres of beer in such package.

Now JSC "Krynitsa" produces 7 sorts of beer "Aleksandrya", "Krynitsa-1", "Krynitsa klasichnae", " Krynitsa motsnae", " Krynitsa Premium" (light sorts), " Krynitsa tsemnae" č "Starazhytlnae luks" (dark sorts). Beer is produced in glass bottle (0,5 litres), PET bottle (0,5 litres, 1 litre and 1,5 litres) and also in kegs.

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23.12.2004 Ukraine. The European Reconstruction and Development Bank gave a credit to the sum of $10 million to the plant "Obolon"

The European Reconstruction and Development Bank gave a renewed credit to the sum of $10 million to the plant "Obolon". According to the bank the allocated funds will be directed on updating of a working capital and on barley purchase.

It is informed in the press release of the bank that "Ībolon" can use warehouse certificates on grain as the main guarantee under the credit.

According to Hans Hristiana Jakobsena the director of the agrobusiness department of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank, a high reputation of "Obolon" will promote development and introduction of a warehouse certificates system in Ukraine, and also will show effectiveness of this mechanism.

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23.12.2004 Belarus. Brewing barley production in 2004

In 2004 it was a success to provide the Byelorussian breweries with domestic raw material that allowed the government to interrupt the procedure of tender purchases of import barley.

This year local farms supplied a good harvest to plants, it was 158 thousand tons of brewing barley (19 thousand tons in 2003). It is enough volume for Belarus if does not take into account the branch program of capacities raising of brewing branch.

Farms also have considerably improved cultivation technologies. 12,5% of delivered brewing barley by the Byelorussian farms this year meet the first class, 0,35% - the extra class, the rest - the second sort.

However some experts of the brewing enterprises consider that though purchases of domestic raw material instead of import one from the certain point of view are economically sound for breweries as it reduces the cost price of the goods on 10-12%, but at the same time if breweries brew beer from the Byelorussian raw material, rejection of goods will considerably increase and it will be a problem for a business economics.

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23.12.2004 Tajmuraz Bolloev has left "Baltika"

Yesterday the brewing company "Baltika" lost its long-term "leader". The president of the company Tajmuraz Bolloev heading "Baltika" within last thirteen years declared a decision to leave the post. Mister Bolloev did not inform about the reasons of his leaving, there are different versions in the market, from Bolloev's intention to head Northern Ossetia to banal wish to have a rest. Many market analytics consider that change of the president of "Baltika" hardly will have a serious effect on a situation in the market though some players say that the branch has not realized yet, what a great expert and lobbyist was lost. However Bolloev keep the post of the head of the council of the Union of Russian brewers still. In the company serious changes are not expected, but it is possible that the new president will make management model more European.

The brewing company "Baltika" was found in 1990. Today it is the leader of the Russian brewing market. Under the data of UFG by November, 2004 its market share amounted to 26,4%. The company "Baltika" consists of five breweries (in Saint Petersburg, Tula, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Khabarovsk), 30% of shares of the malt-house in Saint Petersburg, the new malt-house in Tula and 32 distribution subdivisions. In 2003 beer sales volume amounted to 16,2 million hectoliters. Sales of the company in 2003 were equaled $805 million and net profit - $123 million. Two largest Russian brands "Baltika" and "Arsenalnoe" belong to "Baltika". International brands Carlsberg and Foster's are produced under the license. "Baltika" is the second largest brand in Europe by sales volume. Production of "Baltika" is exported to 36 countries of the world. Shares of JSC "Baltika" are quoted at the RTS stock exchange (Moscow). The largest shareholder is Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH).

The chairman of board of directors of the brewing company "Baltika" Christian Ramm-Schmidt in connection with a leaving of Mr. Bolloeva declared that exactly under the direction of the ex-president "Baltika" has grown and has turned to one of the advanced and dynamical enterprises in the consumer goods branch in Russia, to the leader of the Russian market. "The results of 2004 show force of the company after creation of a new sale and distribution system and successful updating of the marketing strategy, - Mr. Ramm-Schmidt declared. - "Baltika" has reached a record market share of 26%". The acting president of JSC "Baltika" since January, 1, 2005 is Anton Artemyev who at the present moment is the executive vice-president of BBH.

The majority of analysts sure that Taimuraz Bolloeva's leaving will not have an effect on work of the company and the brewing market. Moreover lately Mr. Bolloev could not protect the branch from "attacks" any more despite of his connections and influence. As to the company, in opinion of experts, the mechanism of work is so organized that does not depend any more on the one who is at the head.

Mr. Bolloev has not informed the reasons of his leaving. There is a rumor in the market that the ex-president of "Baltika" has received offers to politicize.

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