07.12.2004 The structure of shareholders of "Vena" JSC has changed

The Danish company Carlsberg Breweries A/S left the structure of shareholders of "Vena" JSC. The share holding was sold to the second main shareholder of the company to the Swedish holding Baltic Beverages Holding A/B (BBH), 50% of shares of which belong to Carlsberg Breweries A/S. Now BBH owns 99,98 % of shares of "Vena".

Until recently "Vena" was the unique company of the holding BBH in Russia which structure of shareholders consisted of both BBH and one of its owners. In November, 2001 the company Carlsberg Breweries A/S sold 49.9% of shares of "Vena" JSC (of 99,98% belonging to the company) to Baltic Beverages Holding AB. At the same time the decision according to which since October, 2003 received the right to buy out the residuary share holding of "Vena" from Carlsberg Breweries A/S. Now has taken this option.

The president of Baltic Beverages Holding A/B Christian Raam-Schmidt explained that "this transaction had been made on principle according to which nobody of owners of BBH should control the brewing business in Russia directly". Thus at present Carlsberg Breweries A/S owning BBH on a par with the British company Scottish&Newcastle will control "Vena" through the holding BBH which owns more than a ten years' successful operational experience in the Russian beer market. This change in the structure of shareholders will not have an effect on the development strategy of "Vena" JSC.

In April, 2004 BBH made a decision to amalgamate two plants of the holding - "Vena" JSC and "Zolotoy Ural" JSC (Chelyabinsk). In November, 11, 2004 the contract about joining "Zolotoy Ural" JSC to "Vena" JSC was confirmed at the special general meeting of shareholders of "Vena".

The Swedish holding Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH) was founded in 1991 specially for work in the beer market of the countries of East Europe and it is the ownership of the British Scottish&Newcastle and the Danish Carlsberg Breweries A/S (each of partners has 50% of shares). The structure of BBH consists of eighteen breweries in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Baltic States in which more than 15000 person work. BBH is the leader in the Russian beer market with the market share of 34%.

The Danish concern Carlsberg Breweries A/S is one of the largest international brewing companies which takes the 5-th place in the world by volume of made production. 29.000 employees from 49 countries work in the company. Its brands Tuborg and Carlsberg are one of the most known and widely sold in the world.

The British concern Scottish&Newcastle is one of ten largest brewing companies in the world by sales volume, 16.000 person work at its plants. Brands of companies Kronenbourg and Foster's occupy leading positions in Europe. In November, 2004 production of the brand Kronenbourg1664 under the license and under control of Brasseries Kronenbourg (France), also belonging to the concern was started at the brewery "Vena".

The press-service of the Union of Russian Brewers


07.12.2004 The head of "Baltika" predicts the production growth in 2004 more than 22%

At the press-conference in Rostov-on-Don on Friday the president of "Brewing Company "Baltika" Tajmuraz Bolloev informed that the growth of production volumes of in 2004 was expected at a level more than 22%.

In September production had grown on 30% in comparison with the same period of the last year, in October - on 42%, in November - on 50%, he said.

According to Bolloev such results have been achieved first of all due to "an internal reorganization of the company in all directions of activity and decentralization of production processes". A number of reduction expenses actions were realized. In particular for economy of power supply expenses at plants of the company in Rostov - on - Don and iSaint Petersburg power blocks (gas-turbine stations each at the cost of $12-13 million) were constructed. The distribution and sales system were reorganized in the company.

"Despite of the general unfavorable situation in the Russian beer market the measures taken by "Baltika" were effective and productive," - Tajmuraz Bolloev considers.

The head of the company also informed that "Baltika" aimed to expand export of production. "As an experiment we try to promote in the Muslim countries through nonalcoholic beer," - T.Bolloev told.



07.12.2004 The company "Yarpivo" grows faster then the market does

Last years in Russia the beer market was developing actively enough and annually it was growing not less than 7%. Despite of this the growth of the company "Yarpivo" outstripped market growth rates. In particular in 1998 the market growth amounted to 127,6% and the growth rates of "Yarpivo" JSC amounted to 175,9%.

This tendency was kept next years: in 2003 the market grew on 7% and the company "Yarpivo" grew on 14,2%. As a whole from 1998 to 2004 (including 9 months) additional beer volumes produced by "Yarpivo" JSC due to forestalling of market growth rates amounted to 2017 thousand hectolitres.

The press-service of the Union of Russian Brewers


07.12.2004 In November "Obolon" increased beer production by 55,4%

In November, 2004. "Obolon" JSC increased beer production by 55,4% in comparison with the same period of the last year.

All in all 5,4 million decalitres of production were made. At the same time beer production amounted to 4,05 million decalitres that is 55,4% more than in November, 2003.

From the beginning of the current year "Obolon" produced 51,06 million decalitres of beer, increased production by 23,7%. Also 18 million decalitres of drinks and mineral water were produced. It is 16,7 % more than the data for January - November, 2003.

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