14.10.2004 Russia. "Baltika Brewing Company" JSC made 14,88 million hectoliters of beer in January - September 2004

By the provisional data in January - September 2004 the company "Baltika" made 14,88 million hectoliters of beer that is 16,25% more than for the same period of 2003. (12,8 million hectoliters). Under the data of the company in September 2004 its sales grew by 38% in comparison with September 2003 and produced 1,8 million hectoliters of beer. The company explains the sales growth by updating of its marketing policy, active advertising support, and also investments into development of sales of the company. Total volume of investments into development of the company approaches to $1 billion. According to RTS for September 2004 the growth of capitalization of the company "Baltika" amounted to 19,2% from $1 billion 435 million 218 thousand up to $1 billion 710 million 546 thousand. As it was noted in the company in October the tendency of growth continued. The size of capitalization already makes $1 billion 865,4 million. "Baltika" was founded in 1990 as the form of the state enterprise. In 1992 production under the trade mark "Baltika" began in 1992. The enterprise was reorganized in JSC in 1992. 28 juridical and over 2 thousand natural persons became shareholders of "Baltika". For today the largest shareholder of "Baltika" is the international concern Baltic Beverages Holding AB. "Baltika" company consists of the breweries in Saint Petersburg, Tula, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Khabarovsk and 32 sale divisions. The net profit of "Baltika" for the first half-year of 2004 by US GAAP grew by 1,6% up to $65,4 million.


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