25.08.2004 The Dutch corporation Heineken is going to become one of the leaders in the Russian beer market

The Dutch corporation Heineken is going to become one of the leaders in the Russian beer market. Now the share of the company in the Russian beer market comes to 7,3 %. As the general director of the Russian subdivision of the concern " Heineken Brewery " Roland Pirme informed journalists, with the purpose to strengthen the positions in Russia the company is going to invest 100 million euro during 2004-2007 in development of two breweries ("Shihan" and "Volga") which were sold by the Central European brewing company to the corporation. However, the experts consider the planned increase of the capacities of these enterprises will not allow Dutchs to succeed. In this case Heineken has not a lot of variants of development of its business in Russia: the company can construct one more brewery in one of the Russian perspective regions or buy a finished enterprise there. The participants of the market consider the plant "Patra" (Ekaterinburg) which control package in July, 2004 was bought by the investment company " Alpha-Eco " can be as such enterprise.

The international company Heineken is the third largest producer of beer in the world after SABMiller and Anheuser-Busch. By the results of 2003 the net profit of the Dutch brewing company Heineken amounted to 798 million euro (795 million euro in 2002). Sales volume in the last year increased by 8,8 % in comparison with 2002 and amounted to 9,23 billion euro. Brands of the corporation Heineken are sold more than in 170 countries, also it owns more than 115 breweries more than in 65 countries of the world. In February, 2002 Heineken bought a brewery "Bravo International" in Saint Petersburg in Russia. (Since March, 1, 2003 the factory has been renamed into "Heineken Brewery".) Now the Russian subdivision of Heineken produces such international brands in our country as Heineken, Buckler, Lîwenbrau (under the license) and national - "Botchkarev", "Ohota" and others.

" New Region "


25.08.2004 "Baltica" has opened a malt-house in Tula

On August, 24, 2004 the most cutting-edge in Russia and near abroad malt-house was opened in Tula. It was built by the company "Baltica" which already in 2000 realized the first similar project in Russia together with the French group "Soufflet". Now the annual requirement of the Russian brewers for malt is estimated at 1200-1300 thousand tons when it is produced inside the country no more than 650 thousand tons. Till now Russia remains an importer of malt. An appearance of the malt-house is a new stage of a development of growing of malt and as a result of which our country receives real chances to turn from the importer to the exporter of this kind of agricultural production already in 2006 . Taking into account that the annual turnover of the world market of malt is estimated at 5 billion euro, prospects of impressive investments open before the Russian agricultural enterprises and all branch.

The power of the new enterprise is 105 thousand tons of malt a year. Volume of the investments into the construction of the plant in Tula amounted to $32 million. A pay-back period of the project is 7 years.

Already now the enterprises able to grow high quality brewing barley can sell grain to the malt-house of "Baltica" to the sum of about $10 million annually.

Press-service of "Russian Brewers Union"


25.08.2004 The growth of the sales of "Vena" is 2,5 times more than the growth of the Russian beer market

For the first half-year 2004 the sales of beer of the plant "Vena" amounted to 8,4 million decalitres of beer that is 35 % more than for the same period of the last year. As the press-service of the company informed, it was possible due to the increase of the sales of the brand "Nevskoe" by 32 % and Tuborg - by 59 %. On the data of "Vena", in the first half-year 2004 the total sales of the company in comparison with the same period of the last year increased by 28 % and amounted to 9,5 million decalitres.

Under the totals of June, 2004 the share of "Vena" of the Russian beer market came to 4,7 % in value terms that allowed the plant to take the 7 place among the largest brewing companies of Russia.

"Vena" was founded on July, 20, 1992. The brewery has existed since 1872. The largest shareholders are Baltic Beverages Holding (Sweden) - 49,9 % and the Danish group Carlsberg - 49,9 %. The power of the plant amounts to 30 million decalitres a year.



25.08.2004 SUN left SUN Interbrew having left no chance for "Alpha"

The second by size in Russia brewing company SUN Interbrew has passed under the full control to the Belgian company Interbrew which has bought a share holding belonging to the Indian investment group SUN Trade. The sum of the bargain exceeded 0,5 billion of euro has amazed the analysts, SUN has received for its share holding a premium more than 80 % to its market-value.

Suninterbrew Ltd holding was formed by the Indian financial investor Sun and the largest world producer of beer - the Belgian company Interbrew. It was registered on the island Jersey in 1999. It consolidates eight plants in Russia and in Ukraine. The basic marks are "Clinskoe", "Tolstyak", " Sibirskaya korona ", Staropramen, Stella Artois, Beck`s. In 2003 Suninterbrew produced 160 million decalitres of beer, the proceeds amounted to 540 million euro. The capital of SUN Interbrew is divided in 116,3 million shares from which only 27,8 million were poller shares (class B shares). Under the data at the end of May of this year Sun owned 18,4 million shares of the holding (15,79 %), Interbrew - 85,7 million (73,48 %) and 12,5 million shares was in demand in Luxemburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. But poller shares were divided quite otherwise. SUN and Interbrew owned in 9,5 million class B shares (in 34,25 %) and 31,5 % was in the open market and they were bought up by "Alpha - Eco".

As a result of the bargain in view of the shares which were bought in the open market, Interbrew will own 75,5 % of poller shares and 96,1 % of not poller shares of SUN Interbrew, in total it owns 91,2 % of its share capital now.

The Indian investment group will receive for the shares not cash, but the shares of the Belgian partner. Interbrew will transfer to SUN 9,19 million again issued shares in exchange for the shares of SUN Interbrew and also 10,8 million shares "for the former joint venture control". Under the data of May, 11, one share of Interbrew cost 26,51 euro; thus, it is spoken in the message of the Belgian company, SUN Trade receives the shares to the sum of 530 million euro.

The experts name the bargain as the largest one in the Russian brewing branch.
After the end of the bargain SUN Trade and affiliated with it companies will posses about 3,4 % of the shares of Interbrew. According to message of Interbrew, owners of the group SUN Nund Hemka, Shiv Hemka and Uday Hemka will keep their places in the committee of directors of SUN Interbrew and Nund Hemka will become a member of the committee of directors of Interbrew without a vote.

The third large shareholder of SUN Interbrew is the group "Alpha". "Alpha - Eco" bought more than 15 % of poller shares of SUN Interbrew in the middle of July. Then the president of "Alpha - Eco" Alexander Savin declared that his company considered an opportunity of increase its share holding of SUN Interbrew.

The experts are sure that now "Alpha - Eco" cannot increase the share of SUN Interbrew any more. Mr. Ibragimov from "UralSib" estimates the share holding of the brewing company at $48 million, and in his opinion the sum spent by "Alpha" to buy up the shares amounted to about $35-40 million.


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