04.08.2004 Results of activity of the enterprises of BBH group in Ukraine for the first half-year of 2004

In June of the current year the enterprises of BBH group in Ukraine have sold 4,41 million decalitres of beer, it is 23 % higher than in June of the last year. Including export sales have come to 110 thousand decalitres, it is 14 % higher in comparison with the same period of 2003.

Altogether the enterprises of BBH group in Ukraine have sold for the first half-year of 2004:
- 18,38 million decalitres of beer (growth has amounted to 22 % with respect to the last year);
- including 400 thousand decalitres of beer has been sold abroad (growth has amounted to 4 %);
- 2,05 million decalitres of drinks (growth has amounted to 14 %).

For the first six months of 2004 market share of in Ukraine has grown from 21 % up to 23 %.

In Ukraine BBH possesses Public Corporation "Slavutich" Beer and soft drinks plant'' (Zaporozhye), Public Corporation ''Lvov brewery'', Public Corporation "Slavuta malt house " and Kiev brewery "Slavutich".

Now in Ukraine delivers beer to the USA, Canada, Israel, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal.

In 2003 total sales volume of BBH has come to 313,5 million decalitres.
- In money terms sales have amounted to Euro 1161 million, thus proceeds before payment of taxes, interests and amortization (EBITA) have amounted to Euro 264 million.
- owns 19 breweries: 10 - in Russia, 3 - in Ukraine, 4 - in the Baltic States and 2 - in Kazakhstan.
- is a leader of sales in the market of Baltic, Kazakhstan and Russia where it possesses 33 % of the market by results of 2003. In Ukraine BBH has taken the second stand (22 % of the market (taking into account sales of "Baltica").
- Basic brands of in Ukraine are "Slavutich", "Lvivske", "Arsenal", "Tuborg".

Press-service of "Russian Brewers Union"


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