29.07.2004 The group SUN and the company Interbrew will increase a joint share of voting shares of SUN Interbrew Ltd

The group SUN and the company Interbrew have arranged to increase a joint share of voting shares of SUN Interbrew Ltd. from 68.5 % up to 75.5 %. It is spoken about in a joint statement of shareholders of the brewing holding.

The group SUN and the company Interbrew are control stock holders of SUN Interbrew Ltd. According to the data of May, 31, the group SUN owned 34.25 % of voting shares and 10.02 % of non voting shares, the company Interbrew - 34.25 % and 85.77 % accordingly. Thus the shares of main shareholders of authorized capital stock of the consortium come to 15.79 % (SUN) and 73.48 % (Interbrew). Minority shareholders own 4.21 % of non voting shares and 31.5 % of voting shares, and 10.72% of authorized capital stock.

As it is mentioned in the report, the companies guarantee that the probable purchases of additional voting shares do not affect existing between them balance of the control.

Let's remind that in the middle of July of this year the group " Alpha - EcÓ " bought 10.4 % of voting shares (GDR) of SUN Interbrew Limited. Later the company declared that it already owned 15 % of voting shares of SUN Interbrew.

The international investment group SUN is engaged in investment in various kinds of business. It is a founder of the company SUN Interbrew Ltd. (former SUN Brewing Ltd.).

One of the leading world brewing companies Interbrew produces more than 200 trade marks, among which - Beck's, Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Staropramen and Bass. Its activity is distributed more than to 21 countries in Northern and South America, Europe and Asia. Under the totals of 2003 circulation of the company amounted to more than 7 billion euro.

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29.07.2004 "Baltica" makes the second step to come into the British market

The brewing company " Baltica " makes the second step to come into the British market. After the beginning of sales of " Baltica #3 " in the English pubs the petersburg brewers open the first pub in Glasgow together with the British partners. Althoug in Russia the step of "Baltica" is considered rather aimed at its image than at business.
In the spring "Baltica" began to sell its title brand " Baltic # 3 " at several London pubs, one bottle of its costs $6-7 in the Great Britain and it is positioned in a superpremium segment. And at the end of September in Glasgow the petersburg brewers will open the first restaurant with a pub with own signboard Stavka. " We have decided to develop this direction as about 60 % of all drinked beer [in the Great Britain] is taken out of door ", - the export director of "Baltica" Dmitry Kistev informed. The company will not put up money in the opening of the restaurants. $3 million are invested in the first Stavka by the partner of "Baltica", the company CPL Entertainment, managing a network of six pubs in Glasgow. According to the president of CPL Tom  ŗllŚn, design and project of the restaurant complex for 600 persons is already confirmed. "Baltica" will deliver special bar racks, beer to England and also put means in advertising together with the parent company Scottish & Newcastle.

The mug of " Baltica # 3 " will cost $5,5 in Stavka, it is 15 % more expensive than British beer. In opinion of the English businessman, the place should be repaid for one and a half year.

Kistev sais, if work of Stavka is successful than, probably, about 30 thematic pubs will be opened in England till the end of the next year. Scottish & Newcastle will also search the partners for the opening.

Kistev hopes that it will be sold about 4 thousand decalitres of bottled beer "Baltica" and 2,5 thousand decalitres of beer on tap in England this year. In two - three years within the framework of the export program "Baltica" plans to sell abroad 15 % of all made beer against present 5 %, and the most part - in the distant foreign countries.

The plans of "Baltica" do not seem hopeless to the local competitors. " The network of 30 bars - to the English measures it is not enough ", - the press-secretary of the company Enterprise Liza Harlou (operates a network of 9000 pubs) sais.

But in Russia activity of "Baltica" do not consider as a serious business - project. " Activity of "Baltica" is rather aimed at its own image. Beer, which have been sold in England, in comparison with the total release of " Baltica " is the drop in the sea ", - the analyst of the invest company "Renaissance" Natalia Zagvozdina sais. " By my experience, such projects demand very many efforts and highly skilled work. I am afraid that the project of opening own pubs may turn out too expensive tool from the direction of the marketing ", - the marketing director of the company " “inkoff " Samvel Avetisjan thinks.

"Baltica" is a part of the English and Scandinavian concern Baltic Beverage Holding. Net profit of the Petersburg company has been $123 million in 2003. Last year "Baltica" has produced about 16 million hectoliters of beer, 1 million has been sold for export.



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