27.07.2004 " Alpha - Eco " purchased " Patra "... to sell
A group of the shareholders, which includes the representatives of the investment company " Alpha -Eco " has got the control stock of Open Society " Patra ". The managing director of " Alpha Eco " Alexander Malah has become a new general director of the Ekaterinburg beer plant. In opinion of the analysts, "Alpha" has an objective to consolidate the beer actives as much as possible, in order that they are favourable for selling in future. Before this bargain the structure of the share capital of " Patra " looked in the following way. The management of the beer plant "Patra", which was headed by its general director Igor Tochilov, owned the control stock . (50,56 % belonged to JSC " Brewing concern "Patra"). 23,82 % belonged to the Cyprian offshore Damsel Ventures Ltd, which was affiliated with the group of the companies SUN. The rest 25,5 % were sold by the state to the company Redcove Invest LTD for 116 210 thousand roubles at the public tenders in October of the last year. In May Redcove sold 17 % of this pack to one more offshore company Ramantia Investments Ltd, as a result they had 8,5 % of the shares of Open Society " Patra ". On the 20 of July it was a special shareholder's meeting, on which, besides an announcement about change of the proprietor of the control stock, it was declared change of the menegment at the plant. The minutes of meeting are not signed yet, however the managing director of " Alpha Eco " Alexander Malah became a new general director. Igor Tochilov, which took up this post earlier, headed the board of the directors of the company. Alexander Malah said at the meeting with the staff of the enterprise, that it would not any great shocks for the plant. Last three years the enterprise had been developing successfully, and a task of the new management was to make its more successful, the new top-manager emphasized. The chief of the department of client business of the Ural branch " Akkord - Invest " Alexander Bobkov also thinks, that relations between "Alpha" and "Patra" are seriously and for a long time. "Alpha" stakes on the beer market. It has already bought up 15 % of Sun Inerbrew (the second company on the sizes in the Russian beer market) and is going to increase its share holding still. "Patra was bought, probably, to amalgamate these actives in the future", - he declared. However the analyst of IN "ATON" Alexey Jazykov disagrees with him. In his opinion, " Alpha EcÓ " has got "Patra" for the further resale. " Now it is impossible to tell, when it will take place in two - three years, or the company already has potential buyer in view, and "Patra" will change the proprietor, for example, in half-year ", - he explained. It was not possible to receive the comments in the investment company " Alpha EcÓ''.

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