" Alpha - Eco " aimed at Suninterbrew
''Alpha-group" has been interested in a new direction of business - the brewing. The other day the investment company " Alpha - Eco " declared about the purchase of 10,4 % of the shares of the brewing company SUN Interbrew. After some days after that, the company " Alpha - Eco " informed, that had increased its share holding in the brewing company Suninterbrew up to 15 %, and declared the further plans. According to the representative of "Alpha - Eco", the company inteands to accumulate in the hands a blocking share holding of the company and to take active part in the management of the breweries. The analytics, however, suspect, that one of the most aggressive financial investors has devised more intricate combination, which has one of the purposes - to control the largest in Russia and in Ukraine beer holding. Suninterbrew Ltd holding is formed by the Indian financial investor Sun and the largest world producer of beer the Belgian company Interbrew. It was registered on the island Jersey in 1999. It consolidates eight plants in Russia and in Ukraine. The basic marks are "Clinskoe", "Tolstyak", " Sibirskaya korona ", Staropramen, Stella Artois, Beck`s. In 2003 Suninterbrew produced 160 million decalitres of beer, the proceeds amounted to 540 million euro. The capital of SUN Interbrew is divided in 116,3 million shares, from which only 27,8 million are poller shares (class B shares). Under the data at the end of May of this year Sun owned 18,4 million shares of the holding (15,79%), Interbrew 85,7 million (73,48%) and 12,5 million shares was in demand in Luxemburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. But poller shares are divided quite otherwise. SUN and Interbrew own in 9,5 million class B shares (in 34,25%) and 31,5% was in the open market and they are bought up by "Alpha Eco ". The group " Alpha - Eco " is an investment division of " Alpha-group ". The main structure of the group of " Alpha - Eco " - the company " Alpha - Eco M " is engaged in metals, coal, alcohol, sugar, grain and telecommunications. " Alpha-group " is one of the most aggressive players of the market of amalgamation and absorption. In 2002 shareholders' interest of the group has come to $161 million. In 2002 proceeds of "Alpha - " have come to $96,84 million, net profit - $13,8 million. Later data are not disclosed. The president of the group of the companies " Alpha - Eco " Alexander Savin explains the ocurrence in the structure of shareholders of SUN Interbrew as favorable prospects of beer branch. In his opinion, beer industry was growing up-tempo during last years and fast growth rates will be kept in the foreseeable future too. "Alpha - Eco" continues to surprise the analysts. Under the statement of the members of the company, at the moment it already controls more than 15 % of poller shares of the beer holding. It is possible to assume, that "Alpha - Eco" negotiates directly with the portfolio investors, which own small share holdings of Suninterbrew, because the market has had almost no reaction to activity of "Alpha - Eco", and volumes of the operations on the stock exchange remain small. But for all that in "Alpha" do not hide, that will continue to buy up the shares. " We have a task before us to generate a blocking-off share holding of Suninterbrew in the near future ", - it was declared in the company " Alpha - Eco " (under the charter of Suninterbrew it is 30 % plus one action). It was emphasized in the company, that " it is quite normal investments ". " We buy not for speculation and as strategic players ", - the vice-president of the company Igor Baranovsky declared. In Suninterbrew were not ready for the news about appearance of the new shareholder. At the Belgian office have refused to speak about it. In Russian one have declared only, that did not make comments on the transaction with the securities. In turn, mister Baranovsky insists, that the representatives of his company " have already exchanged of views with the management of the holding ", but he has refused to inform the details of "exchange" . The analysts consider, that by virtue of specificity of the corporate management of Suninterbrew, even having generated a blocking-off share holding, "Alpha - Eco" can not have an influence on the work and on the management of beer holding. Also pay attention that buying up of the poller shares of Suninterbrew has practically coincided with the date of term of the agreement between Sun and Interbrew: under this agreement till July, 2004 any of the parties had no right to sell its actions. Now, if one of the parties want to sell its shares in the holding, the right of the prime redemption will be given other party. Probably, the market participants think, the group Sun will want to leave the Russian business, for which beer - not profile investments. And Interbrew will be obligated to buy out the shares at the minotaries under the same price (if they will want them to sell). Thus, there are two probable scripts of course of the events. The first: the price of the shares appears enough high for "Alpha - Eco" to sell its share holding with profit to Interbrew. It is quite possible, if Interbrew does not want to allow the second script, under which Sun does not arrange the proposal of the partner and it makes a proposal to "Alpha" to buy out its shares, to become an owner of the share holding of the holding. " Either of these scripts is profitable for 'Alpha' ", - the analyst Natalia Zagvozdina considers. However, in "Alpha - Eco" deny, that they counted the variants like these. " We know about existence of the shareholders' agreement, however it is early to speak about, whether we make a proposal to Sun to buy out their share holding ", - mister Baranovsky said.



''Ivan Taranov's Breweries'' will construct a plant near Moscow
The company ''Ivan Taranov's Breweries International'' invests $30 million in the construction of the plant with the power 2 million hecalitres near Moscow. The project will be financed due to means of bonded debt in volume 1 billion roubles. The construction of the plant will begin in 2005. The reconstruction of existing powers will already allow the company to produce 4 million hecalitres of beer in 2005, and in 2006 will rise this level up to 6 million hecalitres.

Vedomosti, Yarmarka.net

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