'' SUN Interbrew '' sells "Bavaria"
"SUN Interbrew" has made a decision to sell the share (about 99 % of actions) in "Bavaria" located in Saint Petersburg. It is spoken about it in the press release of the company. This decision was taken according to plans of optimization of capacities' accommodation. Management of the enterprise became a buyer of "Bavaria". ''SUN Interbrew'' and "Bavaria" have agreed, that during the specified time "Bavaria" will continue to produce some sorts of ''SUN Interbrew''. Joseph Strella, the main executive director of ''SUN Interbrew'', will reserve a place in committee of directors of "Bavaria" up to the following stockholders' meeting.



Powerful malt-house will be constructed in Kiev region
"Sarmat" company is going to construct by 2007-2008 near Kiev and to place in operation own malt-house with the power more than 80 thousand tons of malt a year - informed in the press-service of the company. For the purpose of construction the malt-house building "Sarmat" has purchased bread reception enterprise with the power of 40 thousand tons of grain in Mironovsk region (Kiev region). A main cause, on which construction of the malt-house will conduct in Kiev region, is presence of raw materials in the given region. New malt manufacture is created for the purpose to supply all enterprises of " Sarmat " group with own malt and to output from dependence of suppliers of this production. Today powers of "Sarmat" allow to produce 13,8 thousand tons of malt a year, in particular, " Dnepropetrovsk brewery "Dnieper" - 12,0 thousand tons a year, malt-houses " Poltavpivo " - 1,5 thousand tons. These volumes is not already enough for "Sarmat". Information Now "Sarmat" owns control stocks of five breweries, which organize "Sarmat" group: "Lugansk brewery" (90,6 %), "Crimea" Beer and soft drinks plant'' (93,98 %), "Dnepropetrovsk brewery" Dnieper" (99,9 %), "Poltavpivo" Corporation'' (90,5 %) and "Kiev Brewery 1" (77,26 %). "Sarmat" group takes the fourth place on production volumes after "Sun Interbrew Ukraine", "Obolon" and BBH.

Marketing.vc, "Russian Brewers Union"


IFC agreed to finance the Belarus project of joint owners of "Ivan Taranov's Breweries"
The Committee of directors of the International financial corporation (IFC, is a part of the World bank) has approved of purchase of 20-percent participation in the new project of joint owners of "Ivan Taranov's Breweries" - spv-companies Detroit Belarus Brewing Company LLC. It is planned, that the corporation will pay $ 3 million for participation in capital of DBBC. Moreover, IFC is ready to allocate $ 7-million credit for DBBC. Detroit Belarus Brewing Company was created in July, 2002 in american state New Jersey specially for execution the investment project on Belarus "Brewery" Dednovo" (Bobruisk, Mogilyov region), constructed about 30 years ago. "Brewery" Dednovo" was the second largest brewery in Belarus in 1990th. In September, 2002 the enterprise stopped activity because was not enough of a working capital and investments. The basic investor of the project of modernization "Dednovo" is Cyprian DI Belarus Brewing Ltd., belonging to joint owners of Russian "Ivan Taranov's Breweries" Evgeniy Kashper (26 %) and Arcady Lifshits (51 %), and also to management of DBBC (24 %). After financing by the International financial corporation DI Belarus Brewing will be stockholder of 77 % of stocks of DBBC, IFC - 20 %, Lebortovo Investments Ltd - 3 %. In turn, Lebortovo Investments Ltd belongs completely to Sergey Levin, the chief of DBBC. The total sum of investments into the project will amount $ 31.3 million.

" Beer of Ukraine "

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