For 9 months of 2003 "Pikra" company (KRASNOYARSK) has realised 774 thousand hectolitres of beer
Beer sales volume increased 35 % contrasted to the same period of the last year, informs the press service of "Pikra" JSC

"Sarmat" CSC starts export of beer to Germany
The autumnal season was marked with the first delivery of "Sarmat" beer to Germany. This week Ukrainian non-pasteurised beer will appear in the shops of Bavaria. "Taking into account, that three of five largest breweries are in the south of Germany, in Bavaria, for "Sarmat" it is not just one more country to export our beer. We consider it our achievement and next recognition of high quality of "Sarmat" beer, conforming European level" - said Stanislav Melnik to the press service of "Sarmat". The most popular sorts represent the initial consignment of beer - "Sarmat-light" and "Sarmat-Zhigulyovskoe" bottled in PET-container. It is not an ordinary case for Germany, as PET-packaging remains rather unusual beer container for the conservative Germans. Today the only line for bottling beer in PET-bottle is started in Germany only in August of this year, while in Ukraine for 8 months of 2003 beer in PET occupied 23,1 % of the market (in 2002 - 21 %). "Sarmat" exports beer to Russia, Moldova, Byelorussia, Estonia and Israel. Now Germany was also added to this list. The rate of export growth for 9 months of 2003 has amounted to 202%. "Sarmat" is the main plant of "Sarmat" group .It also comprises "Dnepr Brewery" JSC (Dnepropetrovsk), "Lugansk Brewery" JSC, "Poltavpivo company" CSC, " Kiev Brewery 1 " CSC and "Crimea" Beer and soft drinks plant" JSC (Simferopol). In 2002 "Sarmat" produced 13,1 million decilitres of beer, and all group - 21 million 800 thousand decilitres, that amounted to 15,3 % of the Ukrainian beer market. "Sarmat" is the only large producer of non-pasteurised beer with a long term of storage in Ukraine.

Press service of "Sarmat"


"Tinkoff" brewing company signed an agreement with German concern "Krones AG" about building of a new brewery in St. Petersburg for $ 75 millions.
The new powers will allow "Tinkoff", occupying 0,08 % of the Russian market to enter ten largest breweries of the country. But the competitors doubt the success of this project. Possessing a small brewery and a network of five restaurants "Tinkoff" company is not a large market participant. Under the data of the company, this year its turnover will make about $ 35 millions. It is almost 15 times less, than for the leader of the beer market "Baltica". By the share of beer produced in the country "Tinkoff" is almost the smallest beer company. According to the data of "Business Analytica" marketing agency, in August of this year the share of beer produced by "Tinkoff" was about 0,08 % of all beer, sold in the country. On October 14 the owner of the company Oleg Tinkov and the management of the largest producer of the equipment for beer and soft drinks industry German concern "Krones AG" signed an agreement about building of the second plant "Tinkoff" in the town Pushkin (Leningrad region). The power of the present plant of the company is 2 million decilitres annually. As executive vice-president of "Krones AG" Reinolf Dipold informed that by September, 2004 his company will construct, equip and put into operation a new production "Tinkoff" with the power of 20 millions decilitres of beer annually. For brewers it will cost $ 75 millions. As Mr.Dipold said, this is the largest order of brewers this year, though the total turnover of Krones will exceed 2 billion Euros. After the start of the new plant the manufacturing powers of "Tinkoff" company will allow it to produce about 2,8 % of all beer in the country, considers Andrey Ivanov, the analyst of the company "Troyka Dialog". It is approximately equal to the present share of St.Petersburg "Stepan Razin brewery", that gives "Tinkoff" company a chance to join ten leading producers of beer in the country. The owner of the brewery Oleg Tinkov and the vice-president of Krones are refused to disclose the financial details of the bargain. As Mr.Dipold said, the Deutsche Bank HVB will grant brewers a five years' loan, approximately 20 % of indispensable $ 75 millions. Mr.Tinkov says, that the remaining sum is the company's resources and two-years' loan granted by "Aton" investment company and "Zenith" bank. The chief of corporate finances department of "Aton" Kyrill Lipa confirmed, that "Tinkoff", "Zeniths" and "Aton" have the principle financing arrangement of the project, and the concrete transactions will be carried out within a month. As he said, the guarantee of financing will become the property of created plant. The judgements of the independent analysts and competitor brewers about the success of the project of the company "Tinkoff" have divided. As Mr. Ivanov from "Troyka Dialog" supposes, the growth rate of beer production by the end of this year will slow down from 11 % up to 6 %, and the competition in the market will strengthen. On the other hand, the producers of premium sorts of beer do not experience problems: for example, on October 14 the producer of "Neva" and "Tuborg" beer "Vienna" company informed about 19 % growth of sales this year. Therefore Mr. Ivanov supposes, that "Tinkoff" can manage sales. And other producers of licensed beer have perceived the plans of the competitor with extreme scepticism. "Welcome to the real world of competition ", - the marketing director of "Efes" company Turul Arbash sneers. Mr. Arbash supposes, that "Tinkoff" can hardly increase sales of beer 10 times even next year, even by increasing the advertising budget. " We saw many take-offs and dips of different brands, for example "Zolotaya Bochka" and "PIT", let's see, how competent they will prolong to position their brand", - said Igor Tikhonov, the sales manager of the company SABMiller, bottling Miller beer in Russia. Oleg Tinkov hopes for the best. As he said, the advertising budget of the company next year will be doubled and will make $ 11 millions. A new cheaper mark "T", for which a half of the new plant's powers can be assigned, will appear in the market. The project supposes further dilating of production to 40 million decilitres annually, but for this purpose it is required to invest additional $ 20 millions, added Mr. Tinkov.

"The Vedomosti" newspaper


Till the middle of October "Vienna" has fulfilled sales volumes of the previous year
By October 14, 2003 sales volume of "Vienna" brewery for the current year has exceeded the indexes of the company's activity under the totals for 12 months of 2002 and has amounted to 1 million 307 thousand hectolitres of beer and drinks. For the period since January till September 2003 the growth of general sales of "Vienna" production has amounted to 20 %, thus the sales of beer have grown on 19 percents. The rates of "Vienna" growth continue to surpass development of the Russian beer market, which since January till August of 2003 has grown, under the data of State Statistics Committee, 4 % as contrasted to the same period of the previous year. The specialists of "Vienna" explain such outcomes of the company's activity by several factors. According to the general director of the company Peter Chernyshov, "Vienna" has determined successful and exact marketing policy, based on production of premium Russian and license beer. We observe precipitant development of these segments of the Russian beer market, and the increase of sales of beer "Neva" and "Tuborg" only confirms the outcomes of researches". The growth of sales of license beer "Tuborg" for 9 months of 2003 has amounted to 32% contrasted to the same period of the previous year. Sales increase of Russian premium beer "Neva" 18 % for the same period was promoted by the new positioning of this brand. Development of the company provides also interesting innovations, offered by "Vienna" in 2003. So, progression of the first Russian beer with low contents of calories and alcohol "Neva Light" in the market and production of this beer in a bottle with new cork - ring resulted in 13 % increase of sales in September, 2003 at a general decrease of beer consumption in autumn. A start and successful progression of new kinds of "Vienna" beer (special sort "Triumph" produced for the anniversary of St.-Petersburg, and non-alcoholic beer "Kronwerk" strengthened market stands of the company in 2003. "If "Vienna" will prolong the development by such paces, till the end of this year, the company has all chances to receive a net profit under the totals of 2003 ", - declared Peter Chernyshov. In 2003 the growth of "Vienna" brewery production sales in the regions of Russia is going on. Under the data of the independent marketing agency "Business Analytica" for August 2003, "Vienna" occupies the second place among the producers of beer in St.Petersburg with the share of the market 19,2 % in money terms. Its share in the market in Moscow makes 5,5%. The company occupies the second place in Rostov-on-Don beer market and the sixth place in Ekaterinburg.

Press service of "Vienna" JSC


In September, 2003 "Ochakovo" beer and soft drinks plant" (Moscow) has realised 5 millions 450 thousand decilitres of drinks
It is 8,1 % more, than in September of the last year. Contrasted to the same period of 2002, this month the plant has increased beer sales volumes 6,2 %, up to 4,25 million decilitres. The growth of sales of low-alcoholic and soft drinks has amounted to 15,6 %. In the opinion of "Ochakovo" management, the growth of sales volumes is connected with a switch to a new system of activity with the distributors and going out of the company to the new regional markets. During the rearrangement of the marketing network, the quantity of the distributors was reduced three times. On the conditions of the new distribution agreement, distributors of "Ochakovo" take a responsibility both on volumes of production sales and on advance of "Ochakovo" trademark in the market. Priority problem for "Ochakovo" company this year became the development of the regional markets. In particular, lately the geography of "Ochakovo" sales considerably extended to the east. The regional representation in Irkutsk is built; the deliveries of production to Magnitogorsk, Yoshkar-ola, Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Tatarstan and Mordovia have begun. This year "Ochakovo" advertising policy was revised. According to it a considerable proportion of the advertising budget was used for support of the regional sales.

Press service of "Ochakovo" beer and soft drinks plant


In January - September 2003 "Baltica Brewing Company" JSC has increased export of beer
Contrasted to the same period of 2002, in January - September 2003 "Baltica Brewing Company" JSC has increased export of beer 9 %, up to 8 million 113 thousand decilitres. In 2003 the company plans to increase export share up to 7-8 % in total amount of sales against 6 % in 2002. Last year "Baltica" exported 9,08 million decilitres of beer. In 2004 it is planned to increase the share of export up to 9-10 % in total amount of sales. "Baltica" exports beer to 27 countries of the world, including Great Britain, Germany, Iran and Israel. Non-alcoholic beer is exported to Iran, kosher beer to Israel. The share of the company in the all-Russian export of beer in 2002 amounted to more than 70%. About 85 % of export deliveries of the company is carried out to the countries of CIS, first of all to Byelorussia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, 15 % - to Latvia, USA, Israel and Germany.

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