"Vinap" JSC (NOVOSIBIRSK) has put into operation a new brewery "Sobol-Beer"
The powers of the new production will amount to 12 million decilitres annually. According to the governor of Novosibirsk region Victor Tolokonsky, in 2004 the volume of production will amount already to 8 million decilitres. Total amount of the investments in the project is estimated as $ 35 million. The increase of power of the plant up to 20 million decilitres annually is in the long-term plans. Beer production of "Vinap" on the old areas of the plant is completely closed. Beer will be produced only at the new enterprise. It is supposed, that under the totals of the current year "Vinap" with the powers "Sobol-Beer" will make about 7 million decilitres of beer. It is twice more, than it was produced in 2002.

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"Yarpivo" JSC took the 114th place among 200 leading companies of Russia by the volumes of sales
The Russian business weekly journal "The Expert" together with rating agency "Expert RA" have published the totals of annual research "200 largest companies of Russia". According to the published data, "Yarpivo" JSC took the 114th place among 200 leading companies of Russia by the volumes of sales with the income of 4,8 billion of roubles ($ 154,2 million) in 2002. For comparison we should mark, that under the totals of activity in 2001 the company took the 156th place in the same rating of "The Expert". Within 2002 the company managed to earn 1,315 billion of roubles of a net profit, having achieved 27,2% profitability rate. Despite of small increase of beer consumption volumes in Russia (under the data of the experts, in 2002 the consumption of beer was increased only 8%) the company increased volumes of production and sales of beer 52,4%. The company was included in the number of the 20 most dynamically developing companies, took the 9th place among the most profitable companies and 16th place among the companies with the greatest labour productivity (one worker of "Yarpivo" last year made a production on 4,838 million roubles). For the first time rating agency "Expert RA " estimated a market value (capitalization) of the leading Russian companies. "Yarpivo" took 52nd place among 200 largest companies of Russia by capitalization with the index of 7,027 billion of roubles.

"Yarpivo" JSC press centre

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