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February 2006
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  Dear Sirs!
  The journal “PIVNOE DELO” (“Beer Business”) is the first-rate information and analytical edition in beer production markets of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and other countries of the former USSR.
  The journal “PIVNOE DELO” is edited four times a year in full color high quality print and has up to 100 pages, the circulation amounts to 5000 copies. Three issues are published in Russian, and one in English. It is distributed by means of subscription and address delivery to medium and large breweries of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former USSR and at the main exhibitions of brewing industry (which take place in Sochi, Saint-Petersburg, Nuremberg, Moscow, Munich, Kiev) as well as at regional exhibitions.
  "PIVNOE DELO" could assist you effectively to achieve advance of your company in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former USSR by means of placing your informational articles, promotional materials and advertising modules on pages of our journal. The informational review on pages of "PIVNOE DELO" will surely have a guaranteed effect among breweries of the former USSR countries. Besides, for our clients we also have free-of-charge accompanying services, such as placing of the information about the company in news on the site of the journal which is of big popularity among breweries.

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  • 4 issue – 30% discount

Additional services: design of advertising module.

Concerning advertising, please, contact us:
e-mail: reklama-otdel@pivnoe-delo.com
tel: +10 38 (057) 700 90 31 (add.328)
Head of advertising department: Nataliya Panasyuk